About Me

As a City Council member, I will support:

  • A stronger school system for our children

Education should be a top priority. As we teach our children to become productive citizens, we set them up for success.  We need to ensure proper funding for classrooms and proper funding for the upkeep of facilities. We also need a well developed and well executed growth strategy for the school system as more families move to Gainesville and begin to call our wonderful City home.

  • A stronger Public Safety team to protect our community

We have highly rated, top notch Police and Fire departments who do an incredible job serving our city every single day. We need to keep up the efforts of training and equipping them so they can remain at the top of their field. In addition, a fire boat prepared to make speedy service calls to both boats and homes on Lake Lanier would strengthen public safety and serve as an amazing addition to our emergency response resources.  

  • More parks and green spaces to promote health and activity

In order to prevent a concrete jungle from developing, it is important to keep in mind the need for pockets of green space so that our community can remain beautiful. The addition of a dog park or a splash pad would be great to encourage local families to visit our parks. 

  • More affordable housing that allows earners across the spectrum to pursue the American Dream

By encouraging private development of  housing options priced at various thresholds, we can create opportunities for more families to to stop renting and become homeowners. Over time, this will increase financial stability for both individuals and the city as a whole.

  • Taking a proactive stance to address the growth of Gainesville, primarily with regard to the impact on traffic

Community Development Director Rusty Ligon expects that Gainesville’s 2019 population of 44,000 will grow to 51,000 in the next 5 years, 55,000 in 10 years and 65,000 in 20 years.  We already have some very busy streets, and they will only continue to get busier unless we begin planning now for the growth that will soon occur. 

  • Moving the Post Office from its current space to help alleviate congestion on Green Street

One of Gainesville’s most beautiful and historical areas is also one of our most heavily traveled. We need to create a sustainable plan to reduce traffic flow on Green St while still allowing traffic to flow easily through our city.

  • Local and Small Businesses which serve as the backbone to our Downtown and Midland districts

As these two districts grow and develop, we want to make sure they stay true to Gainesville and remain local.

  • Further developing Gainesville tourism to boost our economy

We can continue to utilize the beautiful Lake Lanier to attract people to our community which helps to bring tourism tax dollars to Gainesville as new people visit and explore.

  • Vision 2030 their investments in keeping Gainesville an awesome place to Live, Work, Learn and Play

Gainesville is a thriving community, but we must continue to be intentional in our efforts to remain true to our Southern identity. 

  • Reduction of city debt load

Ideally, as a City, we would reach a point where we can function debt free. this would allow us to focus on endeavors that will continue to make Gainesville and enviable community. Rather than paying off decisions of the past, we can invest in changes for the future.

Let’s build something together!