#electbillbush #proGVL

This November, I need your support, as I run for Gainesville City Council, Ward 5. I am Bill Bush, and I am pro-GVL!

I can clearly recall one day as a kid when I decided to become the President. I wanted to live in the big ole White House and do awesome things for the people of America…

From that point forward, my intrigue with politics has grown, developed and transformed into a love for doing the most good I can in my areas of influence. It’s pushed me to travel the world, pursue an MBA and then a second Master’s in Public Administration. I served on the Historic Preservation Committee for Gainesville, and I spent a decade leading a non-profit that recruits volunteers to work in diverse communities.

My wife Ashley and I enjoy spending time at restaurants on the Gainesville Square and building relationships with local Georgia business owners. We even opened a pop-up shop–The Gainesville Collective–for six months last year to help spread the word and increase the reach of local artisans.

I also coach volleyball and have the amazing privilege of working with 300 middle and high school girls from our local neighborhoods. I enjoy teaching them the sport, but I love showing them what it means to be great teammates and preparing them to be productive adults who actively engage in athletics, arts and education in our community.

This November, with support of my wife Ashley, our two dogs pUGA and Marshall and all of you, I am running for Gainesville City Council to represent Ward 5 and the entire beautiful city of Gainesville.

@iambillbush #proGVL