We need a plan for the growth that will happen in our city for the next ten years…

We need not debate whether or not Gainesville SHOULD grow…

What we need is a plan for the growth that IS going to happen in our city during the next 10 years.

— Bill Bush

Local residents place a high value on the “small town feel” of our community. Some folks like to debate whether or not we should grow, but I see a much bigger picture.

Over the last decade, statistics show that Gainesville’s population has grown by more than 10,000 people, and over the NEXT decade, that trend will continue. Experts predict an expansion from 44,000 current residents to more than 60,000 in less than 10 years!

For this reason, Gainesville needs a City Council that will PLAN well to ensure that we grow in ways that protect our small town values and embrace the new opportunities at our doorstep:

  • The Development of Midtown
  • The 4th Side Expansion of Downtown (Square)
  • Available Housing in Every Income Bracket
  • Additional Schools to Accommodate New Families
  • Another Fire House and a Fire Boat
  • More Parks & Green Spaces

As your City Councilman, I will work hard to make sure that Midtown and Downtown grow into places where ALL Gainesville residents feel safe and enjoy spending time with friends and family. I will invest in community initiatives that bring us together, build unity and keep us safe.

I will devote time to maintaining our ISO1 rating for our fire department by building one more fire house and considering the addition of a fire boat to our fleet – something that no other Lake Lanier city has available.


I will make sure the City frequently listens to local businesses and small business owners as we continue to develop retail spaces and infrastructure. I will create spaces where they can be heard and where they can develop relationships with one another because we’re stronger together.

I will also ensure that the quality of housing and education increases proactively instead of decreases by merely reacting to the needs of a larger population without planning for them in advance.

And I will consider the needs of young families as we expand our recreational areas, making sure clean restrooms are available at all of our parks and that we increase opportunities to play with new splash pads for kids and dog parks for our furry friends!